Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekend of champions

So the Vonnegut show was fun and there was a big turn out despite a location change from Galapagos to a loft in DUMBO, where I think Batman actually lives...Believe it or not this is the best picture I got of my peice on the wall.

There were few highlights of the trip which included a visit to friend Beth's beautiful letterpress shop, Greenwich Letterpress,

Baby bananas,

And a visit to St. Marks Bookstore where I found this sweet consignment book by Derek Van Gieson , which has caused me to be obsessed with his artwork.

And of course the best part was getting to hang out with friends:


Brian said...

this is the exact replica of what exists of my memory this weekend. give it back.

Julia Denos said...

lol...yes that artist was a good find. congrats on the show :)