Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Print Fair

I've been insanely busy over here lately...I have some new work on my desk and have been chugging away at projects for Brave Men. Sunday, though, I had enough free time to attend the Print Fair at the Museum of Printing in North Andover. There was a great turn out despite the rainy weather and the steam roller printing went on as planned. It was a lot of fun to participate in such a great community event. Twenty seven artists all carved a 10" square of linoleum with a different letter of the alphabet and we put them all together to create one gigantic print.

Here is Sanya and me inking that bad boy up:

Here comes the steamroller:

And here we are pulling up the print:


(mine's the Q)

Also, I seized the opportunity to buy an old copy press for good price. I've been wanting one of these ever since I took my first bookmaking class in college.

Just one more peice of cast iron I'll be putting to good use!