Monday, November 26, 2007

Nothing can stop me...not even Thanksgiving

So after relaxing for long enough to eat, play scrabble, and eat some more, I went to the basement to do some printing. Here is a painted version of the leggy-fawns etching that I chose to print on Thanksgiving day.

I'm actually trading this print for a doggie painting by Jess Golden. Although because I have 6 of them, I might bring some along to Paper & Chocolate and have them for sale with some of my other smallish pieces.

Speaking of Paper &'s this Sunday!!! (Dec. 2nd) from 1-6. It is an open house for Albertine Press and Taza Chocolate. The studios are in 561 Windsor St. Somerville, MA in between Inman and Union Square.
Please come to look at beautiful paper and eat delicious chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate...I usually am not a chocolate person, at all. But a few weeks ago, I ate some of Taza's Mexican Chocolate and nearly lost my mind. I think there is voodoo in it.

bing bong


b. said...

i love the fawns. i have to work on sunday, can you set aside a print for me? that would be lovely.

e.b. goodale said...