Thursday, January 12, 2012

looking closely

Lately I must admit, I've felt as though the walls are closing in on me a little in my teeny apartment. I'm trying to stay motivated and positive amongst the cabin fever tendencies of the winter. I took the (smallest) spin around my place to take pictures of the things that surround me...and to try to appreciate the details of my everyday scenery.

Some dribbles and drabs from a recent painting:

Sharp and dirty things that are my precious tools:

My weird little stovetop that I try to display artwork on. (shows what a cook I am!)

Some discarded doodles of birds:

My pencil cup that a long long time ago once had cookies in it:

Some drawings with intentions:

And my Great-Grandmother's crewel embroidery:

Stay warm everyone!

4 comments: said...

Loved these tiny shots Emily, esp. the bird doodles! Now you just have to do a full-apartment shot (or maybe paint it! eeee)

Mlou said...

Emily,I love the new design of your blog. I'm working at home again so I know about cabin fever. I make myself get outside to visit a friend or to walk Boomer, or else I can become a hermit. Thank you for the nice Xmas card. It was so thoughtful. I think of you often and follow your blog. Boomer says hello too :-)
Mary Lou

Shelley Barandes said...

I love that you have such precious hand-work from your g-grandma. What a treasure!

jess golden illustration said...

gold for arthritis...yay! :)