Thursday, January 26, 2012

Channelling Vera

A current project has dictated the need to depict flowers. Botanicals are a subject I've always wanted to explore, but haven't much, until now. I pretty much stick to little gnarly flowers and weed-like grass when it comes to landscapes of any kind. For inspiration, I've been turning to the work of Vera Neumann, who depicted wonderful loose graphic flowers, mostly on textiles through out the mid 20th century. Here is one I especially love:

And here is a tiny little snippet of a design I'm working on now:

I hope to be able to share the full image later this spring! Until then, many more flowers, washes and doodles must happen.

Thank you Julia for teaching me about Vera! What a valuable resource she's been!


Anonymous said...

love both patterns...yours & vera's :)

e.b. goodale said...