Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Color Separation ~or~ A World of Orange and Green

In my search for color inspiration for an ongoing personal dummy project- I have inadvertently found myself drawn to several old books that use just two colors (orange and green), plus black.

I found this old early reader book in a used bookstore last week. What an unassuming treasure:

There are so many reasons I love this title page:

Why is this cat so tiny? I love it!:

Another one that I've been looking at is an old favorite, No More Monsters for Me!, with the subtly stunning illustrations by Marc Simont:

The gesture of this little girl makes this one of my all time favorite illustrations:

I also found this old copy of short stories by one of my favorite russians, with a cover by Milton Glaser. Maybe I was drawn to it for the color:

I'm not quite ready to post what all this inspiration has led to. Some solid ideas that I hope to have presentable soon. Farewell for now from my little orange and green filled studio!

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MLou said...

Oh Lord....Plenty of Fish! I think I had that book as a kid...or probably got it at the library! Here is a blog you may like: