Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bears, Blimps and Books

I spent the last week in New Hampshire where I had every intention of doing a lot of drawing, but instead ended up doing a lot of reading, swimming and nothing. The hood blimp made a mysterious and disorienting appearance over my nap one afternoon. I opened my eyes to this:

Also, lots of thunderstorms:


Recently (just last night), another one of my illustrations sold with it's matching bear figure made by Marylou Foley. This is my most favorite one she has done yet.

Just look at that butt!!!

Lastly, Brian's book, The Tornado is Not a Surrealist was released this week on a small press called Greying Ghost. It looks fantastic. The cover is very old fashioned and classy looking. It almost looks like hand-set type with ornaments:

Go read a sample poem here.

Go buy it here.

Congratulations Brian <3

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ainesse said...

Oh how I love polar bears too especially when they are draped over things like in your(?) print.