Friday, June 6, 2008

Poets, Literary Journals and Me

The newest issue of Oranges and Sardines is out and there is an interview with me along with some of my artwork. Oranges and Sardines is a new literary magazine put out by Didi Menendez and is available for purchase here.

Here is the full list of all the contributers:

Featuring Artists: Ethan Diehl, Marcia Molnar, Holly Picano, Cheryl Kelley, Jennifer Wildermuth, L.D. Grant, Niel Hollingsworth, Steph Chard, Jeremy Baum, Jeff Filipski and E.B. Goodale. Poems by Blake Butler, Dana King, J.P. Dancing Bear, Josh Olsen, Steffi Drewes, Matthew Hittinger, Patrick Leonard, Diana Adams and Greame Mullen. Short story by Kirk Curnutt. Reviews by Miguel Murphy, Michael Parker, Cheryl Townsend, Courtney Campbell and Jim Knowles. Columns by Talia Reed and Caridad McCormick. Grace Cavalieri interviews Mark Doty.

Also, this weekend is a reading at Brookline Booksmith with Zachary Schomburg, Rauan Klassnik, Chad Reynolds and Carl Annarummo where I will go and meet Rauan Klassnik who has so kindly purchased the print "Don't Be Afraid" which was based on one of his poems. Above is the framed print in all it's glory.

Also, I was just asked to illustrate a short story for the lit magazine Smokelong Quarterly by a lovely woman named Evelyn Hampton. I will update on that when it's out!!!

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ainesse said...


Really should be working on selecting images fro my 2 next prints -- one a collagraph for an exhibition to replace the one thats already in the exhibition AND the other for a drypoint competition that I am hoping to submit to. But here I am looking through your blog STILL....I really must curtain these activities

Just wanted to say that this is such a wonderful print. Glad you sold it although its always sad to see ones works go out the door especially the lovely ones. Could you remake it if wanted/needed?