Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have been busy with the birth of Summer

Smelling flowers, rowing boats, and designing wedding invitations have all been part of what has been keeping me busy lately. Appropriately enough, I am also reading The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, a recent reissue of one of her adult novels. (of course she is most famous for her invention of the Moomins...)
So far I have enjoyed reading this book, with it's bizarre relationship between a disgruntled grandmother and her even more disgruntled granddaughter living on a mostly uninhabited island in the gulf of Finland. I can't help but feel though, that there is something a little awry with the translation. oh well. The nature descriptions alone are worth it.

I guess I've also been taking a lot of photos. Once upon a time, that was all I did.

I've also been hanging out with friends:

And looking at babies with potato-sack-legs:

And drawing little potato-sack girls:

ps. I've also been mourning the death of Polaroid. To see some more beautiful Polaroids, go here and here.

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