Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lack of Translation

So a friend and co-worker of mine asked me if I would illustrate one of her favorite poems from her childhood, which is a poem called "Cantec" by George Cosbuc. Apparently this poem has never been translated into english from the Romanian, so she wrote her own basic translation for me and the rest was guess work. Here is the finished product.

They are all lithographs from pronto plates including the text.


Lauren Castillo said...

Hi Emily,

I found your blog/site through your friend Julia a bit ago, and wanted to finally drop a note to say how much I enjoy your work! Your delicate line and use of space and limited color is really wonderful -- and your characters (both animals and people) are super. Are you working in children's publishing at all? I hope so, cause I'd really love to see what you'd do with a picture book :-)

Great work, Emily!

Julia Denos said...

oh yum emily. the skirt is perfect, the whites are perfect. i hope miruna loves it!!

p.s. i love your cute little "shabby" bookcase too.

Eric Orchard said...

Really stunning work!