Monday, May 5, 2008

Illustrator buddies

Ok. I swear this will be my last post about the cape. Here is a photo of Jess and Julia when they came down to hang out with Boomer and me. Inevitably whenever we get together we end up talking about books and complain about bad design.

Look at that clean floor...


Julia Denos said...

aw there we are. where are you EBG?

and did you see willy on the left?

Mary Lou said...

What clean floor? It must be an optical illusion.... I think Julia is writing "wash me" in the dirt!
I'm glad you had a nice time....a little isolation is good for creativity.....just look at that skirt! And Boomer is scarfing down his food again. I guess he was just on a humger strike until I came home! Thanks for taking such good care of him!