Friday, January 4, 2008

Pony the Hat

I recently read a reissue of the 1929 German book, Emil and the Detectives, by Erich Kastner and was deeply inspired by the strange cast of children that inhabit this book. I was especially intrigued by the character of Pony the Hat. Yes, that's her name, and of course there is no mention whatsoever of the origin of her name, it's just presented matter-of-factly with no excuses. She is a wild little girl who rides all over Berlin on her new bicycle.

I was talking with my illustrator buddy, Julia Denos, who had also just read the book, and discovered that she was just as interested in Pony the Hat as I was and so we decided to both do our own versions of Pony the Hat. I'm working on mine currently and I know Julia has started hers, so when we are done we'll both have them posted simultaneously on or respective blogs.

Maybe there will be a trade involved afterwards? What do you say Julia?

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Julia Denos said...

i'm in! i just need to figure out how to print now :) i can't wait to see yours!