Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ode to Cape Ann

Cape Ann has brought me beaches my whole life, and more recently, given me solace on these cold and quiet days.
A recent trip to Gloucester offered me many exciting things, in the form of records, books, and Leonard Baskin.

There is a great used bookstore called Dogtown Books which specializes in poetry and children's books, where Brian and I decided to invest in an old poetry journal called Four Winds, from 1953. It includes early poems by Charles Olson and Cid Corman and 10 woodcuts by Leonard Baskin. Even though it's in rough shape, I was thrilled to find it, because Baskin's work has become extremely rare and collectible. Here are some photos of it's delicate pages.

Ahhh...Cape Ann is the quiet place in my mind....

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