Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Birds connect us with the universe

So Paper & Chocolate was a HUGE success and the usually deserted loft building was swarming with Christmas shoppers. I sold a few prints, one to the lovely lady next to me from Mayday Studio, who had her own array of beautiful paper goods.

Back at home, I'm finally getting a grip on my commisions. The birdies are done! Which means I just have a few more jobs to finish up before I can finally start thinking about my own christmas shopping, which will mostly consist of me doing more paintings to give away as presents. I need a theme for this year. Last year, my whole family got bird paintings.

Maybe this year will be mountain goats.


Eunuchsblues said...

That bird on the left is giving me the eye. I dont trust him.
Get him out of the house before we tangle.

may day studio said...

thanks for the link! i just finished my weekend blog wrap-up...it's only taken me three days to recover!

i'm so inspired by my new print...but i can't decide where to put it permanently, so for now the little deer are keeping watch on my work table.


Mary Lou Foley said...

baaahhhh! Mountain Goats!
Mohair comes from goats....I have an intimate relationship with mohair. In fact, i think my nose and lungs are filled with mohair fibers...I blame the snoring on that....furry lungs

m.c.r. said...

lucky family!!