Monday, December 5, 2011

Hearts in the Dark: A Black Cat Initiative

I'm so happy and proud to announce that starting today you can buy prints in my shop OR in Julia Denos' shop that will benefit local animal shelters. We are calling this effort "Hearts in the Dark", in reference to the plight of the black cat in shelters. Black cats are almost 50% less likely to be adopted than other cats!


Partially because they don't photograph well, because people don't see them as well in a cage, and believe or not, because of superstition. This is in spite of the fact that (I believe) black cats are especially loving, doting and affectionate animals. Anyone who has ever owned a black cat I'm sure would agree.

Julia's prints

Many of you may already know that this subject is dear to my heart... and I have posted about it on numerous occasions.

My prints

I have owned and loved many cats, but one black cat in particular was a special presence in my life.

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Read more about our cause on Facebook

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