Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maggie in love with the world

It's safe now to post this commission I finished a few weeks ago, which was a lot of fun. I'm starting to feel looser and looser with composition and painting. This is called "The Flying Object" or "Maggie in love with the world"


You can also view this and some other new work/sketches on my newly designed website!


Annie said...

i heart this picture!

mythopolis said...

Just stumbled onto your site while 'blog surfing'...It is really enjoyable. I drew a little doggy once, a simple line drawing...your Maggie reminded me of this. My dog was named 'Blinken'. I made him up for my young son who had trouble falling asleep. I told him that when he closed his eyes he could see Blinken...then I would talk to him, and make up stuff about Blinken until he fell asleep!

Have a great day!