Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sun Room

It's official...this is the 101th post!

July might go down as my busiest month yet, although August is becoming a close runner up, which is why I have been neglectful in posting here. Here is a little piece that I'm working on, called Sun Room.

I'm also sad/happy to announce that in a few weeks I will be moving to Happy Valley (aka Northampton, ma) and saying goodbye to my life long home of the Boston area...and my little short livingroom :(


Courtney said...

What happened to her shoes?

e.b. goodale said...

she's not wearing them

Leah Duquette said...

i miss you. i am sad to say i didn't know this blog existed until now but am also happy to say that's it's f'n awesome. i learned so much about you. btws, those old letterpresses are amazing. hope you're liking northampton. we miss you guys.