Friday, October 24, 2008

Birds of prey in the livingroom

So unlike my friend Jess, who's been creating the most unbearably adorable images lately, I've been unable to stop myself from doing these slightly creepy, ugly animal paintings. Below are my demented little chunklet owls who are scared of the night.

And here is my ode to the hawk, who scare the crap out of me. I have been seeing them everywhere lately eating their tiny brethren, which just seems cold.

I promised more autumnal artwork, and I will have it soon, predators and all.


Julia Denos said...

chunklet?!?!?!? amazing.

these litle guys need crazy names.

Alexander said...

I love those Owls. Creepy animals are great.

Lauren Castillo said...

I love these owls, and though you say they are creepy, I think they're pretty adorable -- especially those pudgy ones on the top :)

e.b. goodale said...

thanks guys! I guess those owls are pretty precious. I imagine them with a wingspan of 2 inches...and somehow they just hover.

Annie said...

These are all so beautiful. You must be using a press of some kind? I have never learned to use them but hope to someday.