Monday, March 17, 2008

bye bye lambie

Well I'm officially not-flattered. Another one of my paintings was stolen last week at Curious George. It was a small framed watercolor of a lamb. Whoever has taken these (and I'm almost sure it was the same person) you owe me a lot of money. Money that I actually really could use. Money that I would have gotten from the other people that voiced interest in the pieces you took.

I'm disgusted and depressed. As of tomorrow, I will not have my work at Curious George. I hate to do it, but I just can't afford to lose another piece.

Let's all wave bye-bye to lambie.

ps. to read an angrier account of these events go here.


annerenee said...

I am so sorry to hear someone lifted your lambie ~ your work is very special & deserves to be respected ~ I shared your bookmarks recently w/ some other art folks & will certainly keep you in mind if that special 'sensitive' book comes along ~ best to you & keep up the lovely work!
~ Anne

ainesse said...

EB..sorry to hear about the "tea leaf" who took your lamb picture!! Hopefully they tripped on the footpath on the way home and broke their spectacles etc.

Don't get me started talking about artworks of mine that have been lost (in the post)/ not returned by art galleries / and printmaking competitions and well..........better calm down now..