Monday, February 25, 2008

Get out of here

Finally feeling better enough to be sitting upright after a long week of flu. After staring at the ceiling in a state of delirium for a week, I'm dying to get back to normal. My first attempt at work is assembling my samples so I can get them out of here and into the loving hands of art directors. Here is an array of what I'm sending, accompanied by the beautiful x-large chartreuse envelopes.





Julia Denos said...

the set looks really stunning all together. beautiful!

i'm glad you are feeling better, we missed you today in the hut :)

e.b. goodale said...

uh oh. you weren't supposed to see one of those. i forgot.

Eunuchsblues said...

You're talented, more talented than Hitler ever was, and he conquered the French.

Maybe one day you too will conquer the French.