Sunday, September 21, 2008

I adopted a black animal

So remember the days of longing for an animal? Well they are over (for now) for me. Yesterday I adopted a black fluffy cat from the MSPCA.

His name is Christopher.

Lots of artwork in production, but nothing to share yet. Soon...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby horses, Baskin and Birthday cake...

It's been a busy and chaotic past few weeks. I had a wonderful birthday thanks to Brian and all my friends. I walked home from one of the worst days I've ever had into a surprise party filled with friends, presents and a friendly birthday cake.

I got many thoughtful presents including a ton of tiny my melodies, a Pony-the-Hat necklace, records, and a crap load of Leonard Baskin books. Thanks to a gift certificate to the Artists & Craftsmen Supply, I bought my self some little expensive things like a diamond tip etching needle! and a little tube of cadmium yellow goauche!

My latest little prints look like this:

baby horses make the world go round...